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Amelie O'Sullivan

Amelie O'Sullivan

Masters of Physiotherapy


Amelie has graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences (honours) and from the Sydney University with a Masters of Physiotherapy. She has a background in working with rugby and touch football teams, and has a particular interest in chronic pain, spinal injuries and rehabilitation.

Amelie is passionate about helping her patients achieve their goals through a holistic approach. She uses a combination of her knowledge, manual therapy skills and tailored exercises to alleviate her patients’ pain, restore their movement and improve their performance.

Amelie places a strong emphasis on listening and responding to her patients’ needs. She strives to fulfil long-lasting patient recovery by using evidence-based practice, which allows her patients to receive individualised, comprehensive and up-to-date treatment.  

Amelie loves teaching mat and equipment-based pilates, especially in the clinic’s small-sized classes, allowing every patient to have personalised physiotherapy input. She is passionate about using it as a form of exercise to improve patients’ wellbeing and prevent re-injuries.

Away from the clinic, Amelie enjoys going on coastal walks, meditating, doing yoga and  having avocado on toast at brunch with her loved ones.



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