Balance, Strength and Mobility Classes

Balance, Strength and Mobility Classes are aimed at older, less mobile people.

These classes aim to improve balance, increase overall strength and help people maintain mobility. They assist in preventing falls which as everyone knows is a major health problem.

All exercises will be performed in standing or sitting.

These Balance, Strength and Mobility Classes are fully supervised by our experiences Physiotherapists.

See below timetable for class times. If you would like to attend please call 9960 3798.

Balance, Strength and Mobility Class Timetable

10.15am - Deirdre
11.15am - Deirdre
  • Every participant must attend an assessment before started the classes with us.
  • This will enable us to discuss your medical history and allows us to ensure that the classes are appropriate for you.
  • We will take baseline measurements which can be used in the future to monitor progress and improvements in your balance, strength and mobiltiy
  • The assessment costs $50

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